Learn to Identify

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Year 2017      
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Learn to Identify was born as a publication of research from the modern socio-cutural context on the criminological investigations of Cesare Lombroso, compiled in the editorial work ‘el uomo delinquente’, 1876. Thanks to Darwin’s atavistic theory, scientists such as Lombroso, conceived and solidified the white man and the upper middle class as the only model of ethical, moral, and political purity in existence.

In an age where scientists such as Freud, Darwin or Guillaume Deuchenne pioneered studies of man, the unconscious, and genetic- biological ancestry, Lombroso defined the criminal’s profile through research among prisoners in Italian prisons.
The conception of crime in an innate and genetic way, detectable in the physiognomy aspects of the person. A study subsequently disqualified Lombroso’s theory for the lack of clear evidence and poorly contrasted results.

Learn to Identify debates the political and cultural manipulation of parties and government forces with conservative and discriminatory discourses, where studies and pseudoscience are often used as xenophobic and racist weapons, with the obvious manipulation of the population with scientifically loose speeches, which force the most progressive forces to constantly fight to prevent discrimination based on physical or identity issues.